Monday, November 9, 2015

Why do I love dream therapy?

搞解夢的故事,其中一個原因是為了自己,朋友和家人。我被自己和你們的夢, 尤其是噩夢震醒,心中一直相信每個人深心深處都是愛自己的。 Why does our Mother Nature Highly activates our brains, creates such crazy movies to us, forces us to watch them during sleep time?
It is ALL because of Love!

Feeling loved indeed by our MOTHER NATURE and all of you!

I am soo grateful to see people such deep reflection and self searching spirit during each individual section. Your enlightenment from dreams and life experiences, your life stories will inspire me to learn more and to help more people find their own resources and build inner security, confidence.

To learn to love ourselves is the greatest love of all. Whinny Houston song is lingering in my mind.

Every time after dream therapy and workshop, the question " DO I LOVE MYSELF TRULY? " is the urgent message first jumps out to our mind. I am happy most of you agree with this insight from studying our dreams or others dreams. Self Esteem, a life long learning process.


9  11  2015

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