Saturday, November 28, 2015

A thought provoking movie!

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Dear Dorothy,

I have been listening to your daughter dream time and time again.

First, as mother, your attitude towards dreams provide a free thinking environment: your daughter feels you would  listen to her without any judgment but fully appreciation and support so that she could freely share with you. Just amazing! You create such environment that I really hope to have in every family! You are awesome mom!

Here I would like to share my reflection and interpretation:

This dream is super profound. It is like a movie, like “Inside out”, like “Inception”, Like the “Day after tomorrow,” everyone will have different feeling, views, and reflection after watching. Here is my personal learning and interpretation. Daughter will has her own interpretation. Finding time to share if possible.

She has a Huge Dream (深厚的情感和远大的夢想)in this particular multiple dreams in a dream (夢中夢). Her passion, her view to the world…

1. She thought this was a non-friction 'novel'. I couldn't agree more. AS many great psychologist say: Dreams insights are more real than reality.
Here is an article I wrote this year echoing Daughter dream insights

夢的世界比清醒的時間更真實,原因是:夢是潛意識的體現,可以不帶任何面具,沒有任何社會道德的限制,完完全全可以坦蕩蕩的宣誓自己的信念和表演自己的創意,表現出自己最真實的一面, 因為導演,演員,編劇和觀眾都是自己,一個最安全,最自由的世外桃源!

2, 夢最美麗的地方是要我們反思:

Daughter’s dream is a typical thought-provoking movie!

a) 在現實世界,很多人都認為出世的家庭環境,背景是自己沒有選擇的,因而產生很多不滿和埋怨,為什麼帶我來到這個世界?為什麼我會在這个家?如果我可以選擇自己出世的家庭那該多好!這個思想往往將自己放在受害者的地位,自己的前途和價值放在別人身上,自己的生命,靈魂真的不知在哪裡!自我認知能力低落,極度缺乏自我價值,self-esteem。

b) Daughter 的夢匪夷所思,異想天開!这个夢令我感到每個人都有權利和意願去尋找和選擇自己的生命,自己做自己內在的父母,自己生自己出來! How wonderful!在夢中,每一個symbol都是自己潛意識的投射,用媽媽投射自己的夢想!也就塑造了這一個偉大的造人媽媽- 就是自己!这个梦好像在提醒我们:虽然我们不能选择bio-family,但我们可以选择自己内在的家,我们想要怎样的自己,就去塑造这样一个自己!

c) Your daughter about SOUL idea is most interesting and straight forward to point out the so called present reality. People without soul have no difference 
with a ghost or dead body, a vampire.

d) This reminds me of that many people get older physically but never grow up spiritually.

e) 一個人出世並不代表一個真正的生命出世了,真正的生命是有靈魂,有思想,明白自己的人生自己有選擇!自我掌控!

f) Growing old inevitable, growing up is optional!

The more we think from dreams, the more learning we get. We don't have to be limited to the dreams themselves, but fly over it. Dreams are only a sparkling point, 觸發點而已。 They provoke us to think from different angles, to see the world of ourselves inside out.

From her dream world, you can see your daughter is very special – at such young age, she has got very high critical thinking, huge imagination and creative power. You can share what you learn from her dreams focusing on appreciation, positive thinking from her dreams. I am thinking she can use her dreams to create a novel in the very near future. When I was at her age, so many stories were told to my peer group from my sleep dreams, and written in my creative writing and diaries.

With love


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