Monday, November 16, 2015

Life is like a maze...

我的夢境自我療愈: Your Dreams, your Power

近來一直有喉炎,我的夢大人,夢醫生,夢老師,我的內在高人總是會在這個時刻出來醫我的病。不記得都好難!好厲害。內容豐富,包括我長期沒有好好處理的問題。幫我做人生規劃。有個強烈的信息是每個人都可以參考: life is like a maze...

One thing I got seriously from my dreams today and yesterday is if I don't know where I am, more specifically is if I don't know my present problems, issues or my inner callings, my ability, my potential, it is hard to get where I want even if I have dreams and goals.
That is why Dream Therapy is not just dream analysis but to make a huge change from the dream insights. That is more difficult than dream analysis, but it is all dream therapy about. 

Everyone can do it if we are looking for self-development.

Life is full of choices!

16  11  2015

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