Thursday, December 11, 2014

What are our dreams calling ?

和朋友傾談, 再次發現夢是我們最貼身的老師和医生. 健康問題,愛情,事業上的選擇,夢都一一有回應:特別是健康上. 我從他們的夢和自己的夢深深感到每个人内在智慧,潜意识之伟大, 那份愛之深- our dream insights – our body voice:

We can't take our health for granted. It can go away and disappear after sending so many warnings to us, by physical pain, nightmares and sicknesses.
The greatest love is to learn how to love ourselves. People who love us will be so happy and grateful if we truly love ourselves.
Our soul has higher goals, but our bodied sometimes can't afford us to overwork, overuse our limiting bio-resources. At this time, we have to be realistic, take more rest, listening to our body voice. That is calling from our subconsciousness. Only Oneness in body, mind and soul, balanced life will be sustainable. Our bodies are always ready to support us to chase our dreams, as long as not burning out our bodies - our last and the most precious carrier to back up us to fulfill our dreams.


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