Thursday, December 18, 2014

My reflection about dreams of my friends

Dear J

I would like to share more reflections from my heart about your dreams, what I learnt and thought at this moment: maybe it is a mirror to myself

The ghost and you:

当孩子时,大人基本上没有试过赞美和拥抱,没有沟通,父母辛勤工作,也只能维持最基本的生活,做孩子是那种被冷漠和无助,你不僅感到貧窮帶來的家庭壓力,還感到有一種無奈和孤獨, 恐慌,无力和无安全感,直到成年或老年的自己仍挥之不去。这个梦在讲什么? 梦者什么时候出现这个梦?孤单,无助。那就是:不论来到那个年纪,人们都有內在渴望:渴望有是一份心靈的支持、關心和愛。




The nurse dormitories

The three dormitories shows your developing spirituality: 

from chasing a self security, to self esteem, self security and confidence by becoming more knowledgeable to inner space, inner peace and inner security.
You  may find that the most security is from nowhere but self, by cleaning off self ego and by connecting with people and selfless contribution.

Exploration from a small building to endless buildings, flats and people around you
This dream is so profound that it must have multiple insights:

As you have said, 以為看到,但愈看越看不透,新新舊舊,不斷變化,人生不就是這樣
的嗎?我們以為明白自己和別人,但卻是深不可測,不是我們有什麼問題,而是我們也在變化,身體的變化,思想的變化,世界都在變,所以你的夢讓我們明白到變幻才是永恆,接受它,擁抱它,既使(后樓梯:displacement of 前路)前路有很多障礙物,方向是正確的,前途是光明的,有希望的,(你的潛意識 总是那么正面。)一直走下去,就可以走出自己的天空。(楼梯出口)

Thank you so much for your appreciation and encouragement. Yes, dream analysis is my passion and inner talent, i have a intuition and compassion to get connection with people inner world. I will  treasure my potential. I will excel myself from practice more dream therapy and coaching, and by leaning from other senior teachers, do more study on psychological courses and reading more books.

Your dreams are so resourceful, brilliant and powerful. I am more pleased to see you have been following your dream insights to heal yourself and to fulfill your spiritual dreams, a more meaningful life is to shine on.

With love and gratitude.

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