Thursday, December 18, 2014

Some recent dream insights from people and myself

最近正在上解夢課,夢境比平時都多,解自己的夢,又和朋友們解夢,夢和生活融於一體. 從中有一個深刻


The more we know ourselves, the more we don't know ourselves and the more we need to learn from ourselves.

Our dreams tell us our potential, strength and weaknesses, creativity, passion and wishes; dreams are 

languages of our body, mind and spirituality at sleeping state.……so resourceful and profound. Dreams 

never sleep. They are not anyone but our subconscious mind, our energy sources and drive engines


Grateful for all of your trust and love.

 — feeling thankful.


Jenny Heung Dp 24 Teacher: Donna, 衷心多謝你為我解夢,透過今次,我更能深入體會夢可以給我們多層次的訊息。再一次加強我的信心,通過解夢,與潛意識溝通。Donna, 你很棒,理性感性兼備,專心一致,力求更深層次地解夢。更令我欣賞的地方,是你的無私分享,內裏的善和美,很感動,很感激。努力加油啊!我會寫下今天的總結,遲些分享。我

Dear Jenny

你的梦境带出 很多人生的哲理
the more we know, the more we don't know and  the more to learn. Curiosity keeps us explore and improve.

Grateful for your trust and love, we all learn and grow together 活出自在人生。
your dreams  reflect your more potential, dig deeply. not just what we talked.

Subconscious mind is linked with our universal energy.
不用死力,找到passion, 活出梦想。

My dream sharing with Karen during lunch 17.12.2014

Dear Karen

It was a very precious sharing today with u.

I really appreciate that you treat your dreams not just curious but respectful. This is very important as u have known that  dreams are part of our thinking system, our subconscious mind during sleep state, controlling our decision and behavior models, no matter we know it exists or not.

However if we can analyse our dreams and find their insights, we can make a huge difference, because there is profound resources and potential in our subconscious mind that we have not yet developed, that can excel.
Dreams function as a body protector to our health as some examples i shared with u.
Dreams also functions as our inner teacher to guide us on the right track, as well as our wisdom guru to lead us to live on our passion.

Meantime, it is our alarm clock by using crazy dreams, nightmares to send caring, loving messages, reminding us  to truly listen to our inner voices.

今天中午和你相聚Lunch.我更感受到你是一個very passionate social worker, hardworking. 好高兴我們的社會有你这样一群关心弱勢家庭孩子的需要热心人,令很多尔家庭都受惠。




My dream insights

Some thoughts about our body health voice
we can't take our health for granted. It can go after sending so many warnings to us, by physical pain, nightmares and sicknesses.
the greatest love is to learn how to love ourselves. people who love us will be so happy and grateful if we truly love ourselves.
Our soul has higher goals, but our bodied sometimes can't afford. At this time, we have to be realistic, take more rest, listening to our body voice. that is calling from our subconsciousness. Only Oneness, balanced life will be sustainable. Our bodies are always ready to support us to chase our dreams, but don't burn out our bodies, our last and the most precious carrier to back up us to fulfill our dreams.

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