Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sharing on dream insights with a good freind


Dear Karen

It's amazing to  to see Abbie's growing so well from the Radio HK's TV program.

And I am so happy to see more and more people to find the education systems are up to to individuals' choice. You become a good example and pioneers in HK.  You are so courageous, amazing!

To share with you that Abbie's dream insight and your encouragement has been one of my biggest inspiration to continue running dream Analysis and therapeutic workshops.

When I was at Abbie's age, I was also a wield dreamer and bizarre story teller. My stories could last 2 hours, mixing with day dreams, night dreams and lucid dreams.

I've realized children are born to dream and creative. 

I believe listening to their dreams, sharing with them our adults' dreams and teaching them to understand their dreams can be a deeper level of communication. To express and learn from their dreams are a self teaching process. They can improve confidence and problem solving ability from their own inner world at early phase of life.


Dear Karen,

Thank you for further sharing with me, esp.  about your learning from Dr Bell Chung. Hypnotherapy is powerful. Bell uses hypnosis to implant positive process and ideas into dream state. That is the ultimate dream application in healing body and mind.

Something difference is I use existing, current or old dreams to help people to find their dream insights, resources, creativity and problem solving ability, find life direction and motivation.

Keep in touch.

You can call me for dream analysis if you need.

Best wish with love!

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