Saturday, June 8, 2019

Put yourself in right place

Going to have a career planning workshop in IVE

I recalled a file and read it as I was going back to 2011...


My son was going to attend a workshop on Personality analysis by Mr Personality analysis by 郭老師.

Dear Eugene

When you attend the talk about Personality analysis by 郭老師, you will have more understanding about yourself.

No one is perfect. Every character has its merits and defects. The point is how to excel our merit in the right place and improve yourselves persistently. If we can excel our strength and beautiful merits in our character, we can be geniuses .

I am happy to see that you are willing to get along with people with any characters.
To build up an open-minded attitude helps us to accept any kind of character and understand people better.

Keep going.


28 5 2019

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