Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wonderful Visit

Donna Wong We had a wonderful sharing, thank you soo much for your visit, reminding me of my dream on book writing, our team work and our health caring...

Donna Wong Dear Pheabe, Thank you so much for your visit, your empowerment, loving and caring. We talked about our children, our missions and I am grateful for your reminding me of my DREAM on PUBLISHING a BOOK... My mom is so happy to share as well, inspiring her to learn something she dreamed ...Pheabe Facebook趁着今天是空檔日子,盡情投入與友相聚的慢活日子lu! 😉😉🎹🎤🎶🎵🎧🎷🎸

與Donna 過往一起創造很多難忘工作坊,現時又各有各忙了!感謝Donna一家人的熱情午餐款待,又訪問下黄生與Donna的初結情緣故事。身處空中樓閣,更享用Donna 媽媽親自泡製這款酒釀丸子,超正,必定要學!😋😋
 — with Donna Wong.

13 6 2018

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