Friday, February 13, 2015

Stella in my dream reading

Two days ago,  Stella, one of my good friends in the group, became my dream main character.

She is reading a book so focused and overwhelmed that she forgot to do anything, even a meeting with us. I walk around to see her, wanting to remind her but I didn't disturb her eventually. letting her to finish the book.

Why a book? what a book is about? Why Stella?

It was a reminding dream to finish a book I have borrowed repeatedly. I haven't  finish it for ages. My son the previous night asked me to return immediately. He didn't believe I would read finish reading it at all.

But I really like the book. So my dream just asked me to read soon. To complete the unfinished business.

Why Stella? Our subconscious mind chooses the most close and convenient body we know. Stella a fast reader, a multi-talent, super smart and kind friend. So I used it as my symbol, my inner self icon, a projection of my golden shadow on her.

And the dream also reminds me of my promise to post quotes from Wah Shan book - 無我抗爭. Will do soon after recovery of my coldness.


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