Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Keep ONLINE world safe by learning from a FACEBOOK ATTACK


昨晚發現的壞人入侵我的Facebook,   posted 色情staff.    我當時嚇壞了,它是一個系統控制的。殺也殺不清, 一時慌亂,但冷靜下來,我做了BLOCK指令。



 我的密码很久没有改过。故要勤改密碼!尤其是銀行的密碼!!! 葉劉淑儀的銀行戶口被盜50萬的教訓仍沒破案呀!還有電郵密碼呀!

2.    To use TAG safely!

      FACEBOOK有個功能是TAG:  我查看TAG的安全用法,以防被人入侵或利用。原來,我沒有留意以下功能:

Review tags people add to your own posts before the tags appear on Facebook? (Please ENABLE it)

如果你也沒有留意這個功能,可以盡快啟動,如果你認為我的教訓可以帶來一些價值的話。我深深感到網上世界和現實世界沒有分別,甚至更加復雜。昨晚一個朋友有感而發,dont  trust HONEST SYSTEM (   既這個世界大部都是好人)。但我還是相信大部分人是好人。但科技實在太先進,太方便,也不斷更新,使用的同時,也要不斷學習,


    3.Check background before accept friend request or add any    party.

   每次接受別人的Friends request,   留意下背景。

    4.    加朋友,只加认识的或有一定的了解的人。


Review tags people add to your own posts before the tags appear on Facebook?
Turn on Tag Review to review tags friends add to your content before they appear on Facebook. When someone who you're not friends with adds a tag to one of your posts you'll always be asked to review it.
Remember: When you approve a tag, the person tagged and their friends may be able to see your post.
Dear friends, A lesson I learnt !

I must say sorry if any dirty pictures spread from my Facebook that I didn't visit today until tonight. Someone intruded into my Facebook spreading DIRTY!
Thanks for my friends sending me suggestions. What I learnt is:
First, never accept people without checking his Facebook and background as far as you can.
Second, never add people without knowing them.
Third, change password frequently, your emails, bank accounts! Plus, checking your FB more times if possible.
Forth, carefully use APPs and if use, choose high protection approach!

What a LESSON!

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