Monday, February 23, 2015

Lammar Island, I love U!

A spring trek in Lammar Island - yesterday mum, dad and I went to Lammar Island for a spring walk, We really had great time despite my weak sickness. Lammar Island is like backyard of our Hong Kongers, beside SaiKung countryside.
I love its tranquil, simple, green and rural environments. It's not easy to have such a good conservation of wildlife,culture heritage in HK any big islands without a big chain shops like PARKN'shop, MacDonald, OK shop , 7/11, big financial group "invasions"... but here, I can't find any. Only local cultures, local creative products and produces around, like the sweet food - the famous MAMA sweet bean cure soups...a sense of refreshment and relaxation with me! I am dreaming one day I could live a life like the Lammer residents...

                                                                    Sunset in the Bay

                                If not because of air pollution and fog, we could see Lammar's beauty and true face

 Chinese New Year Gather of WONG's family 19-2-2015

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