Friday, February 13, 2015

Andrew BB came to my dream like a big boy

Updated decoding my dreams

Andrew recently has became my dream symbols in series

About the castle Andrew BB built

Amazing. His imagination is beyond our imagination. I really like the castle. He must have a story to tell in the castle, the  sharp angled tiles protrude from the walls looks weird but with meaning, i think. 

In my early morning dream today, you are staying in HK for a short visit.. 

 Andrew is so independent in everything, like a skilled adventurer. He goes towards home  ( Causeway Bay home) with his stuff by himself after visit the new Year market in the Victoria Park. I follow him quietly, secretly. He just makes it as if he were big enough like a local secondary school boy.

When he arrives home in the dream, I hold him and kiss him, feeling so excited, He is much taller and grows with a bigger head, "smart boy", I whisper to him.

I think my dream just reflects my recent desires to see him, hug him  and kiss him...

But why I came up such independence spirit? My intuition told me that was a real case in my early hood. I actually did this in my five, going to the kindergarten in the dawn in the cold winter alone to see my brother, who was living there by full time caring. I simply can't imagine I did it without any fear...And my parents simply didn't know I was going out. it is not a Slip, as I thought my parents allowed me to.

What I further reflect from the dream is the dream deep intentions - to remind me of my own potential subconsciously, meanwhile children have so much potential waiting us to help them to excel ...When I become older, my fear is in struggling with my courage from time to time...


Andrew's Magna Tiles
All built by himself. No instructions from us.

                                                                  I am four (3.2.2015)


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