Sunday, October 26, 2014

Life is an exploration and experiences - Reflection on Sue's 2nd training

The second training is a reinforcing process to boost our confidence and ignite our passion for fulfill our dreams.

What I learnt -
The potential of our human is unlimited and abundant. This is one insight from the training.
The workshop inspired people to gain inner energy, all possible resources from people around.
To accept the fact that human has limitation to know everything once focusing on one thing - to have blind spot is a norm but can be avoided if we are aware, accepting our limitation.

The story behind this story - did you see ...?

要做好任何事情,必須專著.  再次提醒我要專心一意.

多聆聽,多观察,分析,分享... 排除偏見和防止以偏概全!

Physical is spiritual. To act as President Obama reminded me of Nothing is impossible. Yes I can.
Visualization, anchoring together to gain energy from inside and outside resources. So many people are helping /supporting us to fulfill our dreams.
We learnt to set Anchors in our mind, muscles, and cells work magically.

I really appreciate what Sue reminded us
 " In our subconsciousness there is no difference between imagination and reality." That's the power of dreams. Yes  dream big, wide and action automatically is on the way.
1地圖上的界線並不等於真正的地域 -- 我們對事物的認知,是由感官經驗得來的,由我們給予它們意義。The map is not the territory -- To transmit understanding, you have to gain access to the map of the other person.
2沒有挫敗,只有回應。There is no failure, only feedback.
3溝通的意義在於對方的回應。The meaning of communication is the response one gets.
4沒有兩個人是一樣的。尊重別人的內心世界。No two persons are the same.
5在任何一個系統裡,越靈活的人越能影響大局。In any system, the most flexible person has the control.
6有效果比有道理更重要。Usefulness is more important.
7重複舊的做法,只會得到舊的結果。Repeating the same behavior will repeat the same result.
8若別人能夠做到, 任何人也可以透過學習而做到。If one person can do something, anyone can learn to do it.
9當我們 (心靈) 焦點集中,能量會隨之而來。Energy flows where attention goes.
10人的行為會為了適應不同環境而轉變,而他們現時的行為往往代表了他們在環境限制下所能作出的最佳選擇。Every one chooses the best behaviour at the moment.
11每人都已經具備使自己成功快樂的資源。Every one already possesses all the resources needed.
12每個行為背後均有正面的動機。There is always a positive intention behind each behavior.

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