Thursday, October 30, 2014

It’s gratitude that brings us happiness

Inspired by the HK Thanksgiving Events, I came up with lines on my learning from them.

Gratitude is very power especially in adversity. I found many families with disability still can live decently, living fully, living in the moment (活得豐盛、精彩、活在當下). That is not easy。
I am learning from them...

Being thankful,
Reminds me to cherish people
who love me - family,  friends new and old;
who help me all the way to fulfill my dreams.

Being thankful,
Teaches me to be a real human,
Feeling people's feelings
Living fully by inspiring myself, people to love selves.

Feeling supportive, grateful with my friends

Being thankful
Let go of worries, anxiety;
Grow wisdom, hope
Find resources.

Being thankful
Opens up my mind
To see life as an adventure;
Full of opportunities.

 Being thankful
Turn negative to positive;
Darkness to brightness;
No failures in life.
It is our response defines our destiny.

Gratitude is an attitude;
So is happiness.
Gratitude is a choice,
It brings us happiness.

心存感激, 提醒我珍惜身邊人, 愛惜家人、朋友; 感激陪伴我實現夢想的人。 心存感激 放下煩惱、焦慮; 增長智慧,希望 尋找資源。 心存感激 敞開心扉 將人生視為探險; 充滿機遇。 心存感激 由負轉正; 黑暗到光明; 人生沒有失敗, 我們對任何事情的回應
決定了我們的命運。 感恩是一種態度; 幸福也一種態度。 感恩是一種選擇, 帶給我們快樂。

Updated 31 10 2021

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