Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pay It Forward 將愛傳出去

Last week, our Internet group had a meeting to discuss our next term tasks. Here Athena showed us Dreams Possible development direction. I am grateful to be a member of this big loving and caring family to continuously improve myself, discover myself via services to the community.

l  持續為DP義工提供多元化的優質培訓,讓整個社群持續成長。
l  創造有愛有力的專業義工團隊並穩健發展,宏揚Pay It Forward 精神。。
l  持續服務香港社會,發揮有實則而真摯的影響力。
l  讓清淨貢獻Pay It Foreword逐步推廣至香港社會。
l  善用媒體力量,讓DP的媒體正向影響力持續提升。
l  DP成為香港身心靈社群真正持續清淨貢獻、細水長流的一個典範。


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