Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A heart-to-heart talk with IVY


Today I had a very special appointment with IVY at my home. 

We went into extraordinarily details of life topics starting from dream sharing, important dreams in her life. Shadows, golden shadow and dark ones like fears, jealousy and guilt...Then we talked from family love to intimate love /marriage. 

Finally with the help of Dr HUCK'S Passion Cards, Ivy found what she really need from her dream insights and life experience is inner peace, happiness and security, and the ultimate task is to love herself! Amazing!

I am so pleased to see IVY found the key to have truly freedom and happiness, like a BIRD, eagle, her metaphor. A carefree bird. "You will be a bird if you believe you are!"

What is our really want to be and the inner passion? Dr Huck Passion Card helped us to find buried desire and passion in life, by using dream therapy and passion cards,  a profound reflection was achieved - making us to think What is the next after dream interpretation.

IVY said,  我很喜歡那套"熱情渴望"咭,幫助我找回令我人生快樂的方向,我會返去深思一下如何在我的生命中實踐!

"Ivy, i dropped down the reflection of our discussion this afternoon here. 
Love, how to love ourselves and others with full enjoyment. this is our main focus, right?"

Thank you Donna! 你的總結寫得很好!這套咭確實給我很好的提醒!

"Ivy, so amazed for our talk, your recurring dreams of Grandma reminds us to love by wish and by action is very different  let's all to love by action starting from loving ourselves!"

Ivy your words are absolutely upto the point. I really appreciated her discovery in her life. 

Ivy reoccurring dreams about your grandmother let me recall my blog about love. That was my reflection of a dream interpretation from Zoe's dream:


I got a strong sense that  we must express our love and caring before it is too late, esp. to our family, parents and beloved ones.


夢中的潛意識真是很善良,很美麗,愛心無邊,又很浪漫,太直爽了,I love it!

白天的人們總是有傾向怕這怕那,壓抑自己的情感,情緒,夢中,這個天不怕地不怕的小子就走上舞台,用隱語、故事甚至噩夢發表內在宣言,讓主人收到- “你自己真的想要什麼!或需要改變什麼了!”


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