Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Amazing things happening one by one...和潜意识做好朋友工作坊的那天

最好是大家一起來學習,探討自己 无尽的潜能,發現自己,檢視自己。但我不帶期望...,自己先做起來...
我终于明白什么是energy flow. You don't need to say too much but just do it! People learn by examples! 

Something amazing happening in our family because of the impact of my focusing in the “dream 
interpretation and workshop”-

My son cooked lunch for us when I was busy preparing the workshop.
He becomes so patient and nice in teaching Grandma to do her computer editing job;
My husband becomes more positive, grateful day by day!

The most unexpected thing was my husband came to help me so much from carrying heavy
 bags with computer and books, notes to shooting videos for us. Amazing! Grateful!

Our relationship is improving by understanding what I am doing and he really enjoyed the 
workshop atmosphere. He also learnt so much by exploring own dreams - part of subconscious world
- a world that people don't  talk about most of the time!

He shared that this kind of workshop is his dream as well. Oh, I stated to know inside he  
also has dreams that he never mentioned before!

I started to understand what it means by the saying –
People communicate more powerfully by energy flow, subconscious mind, being and states!
Not by what you say but what you do!


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