Monday, December 14, 2015

Life story workshop - 建構最能代表你自己的故事

在我將開的生命故事工作坊上,我會分享我美國Stanford CAREER ACCELERATION course的課程所學,

 加上在最近的Science Park 的感動:

在Science park 這個REINVENT AND ENERGISE OUR HK NOW with Tipping Point Conference,邀請的

HOME COMERS, 都是在矽谷成功創業的HongKong 生長的朋友。






Embrace challenge
Celebrate failures
They listen to their own heart
Follow their own dreams
High self esteem:
See their life value regardless
Current performance, situations


On my life story workshop opening soon, I will share what I have learnt from the August Stanford CAREER ACCELERATION course the experiences I got from the recent Science Park conference.
In the Tipping Point Conference with REINVENT AND ENERGISE OUR HK NOW, all the HOME COMERS are successful entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, who grew up in HongKong.
What most impressed me about Silicon Valley experiences:
They embrace failure. A well-known Silicon Valley venture capitalist said he never work with those who never fail. He believes failure is the first step to success.
They have qualities:
Embrace challenge, Celebrate failures and mistakes.
They listen to their own heart, follow their own dreams
They have High self-esteem:
Self-esteem is your inner self-worth,
Regardless of your current situation.

13  12  2015

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