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The Secret of Wealth

Dr Denis E. Waitley and Dr 林伟贤的演讲会纪录

12. 4.2015

Yesterday I went to Dr Denis Waitley and my mentor Mr Lin ( the mentor of Alibaba fonder Ma Yuan). Here is their background.

Although the speech was very expensive, it was worth going. As soon as I listened to Dr Waitley's talk. He gave us a very approachable, humble and generous impression.

Dr Waitley firstly shared with us days ago, he went to hospital to see his good friend, a famous physiologist, professor, at his age 80, waiting to die in his bed. He begged his doctors that he wanted to live as he still had so much to learn, to share and experiences, his heart was as if still at his only 18. He got a perfect brain but totally damaged body.

The friend’s words was lingering in his mind all of the time, inspiring him to come out again at Denis 81, launching his Asia Lecture series ( The Secret Of Wealth) with HK as his first stop, to share all he learnt from his life before death.

What stroke me most from the speech was how to see Wealth inside of ourselves: that is Wealth mindset, not how much you own or can expense. 

When you think you are important without considering others’ thoughts, views or what you have achieved. He asked many young men in China. Most of them said they are not important because they have not achieved anything. He was Sad.

The key is Self- Esteem:

I was thinking over and over his saying here:

Self- Esteem is the deep down, inside the skin feeling of your own worth, regardless of your current performance.

He will give most of his worth away to charity. His biggest wish is anytime he can donate to the needy without thinking about it. So he is still working hard to teach people to become wealthy, but first to have a sharing mindset – Double Winner mindset.

The more you share with others, the more you will gain, including spiritual and material worth.

Another important enlightenment is how to conquer fear:

Thinking back, I was not a good mother, I had lots of fear and depressed for a while when my kid suffered from asthma at his young age. I was happy I got through because positive thinking saved my life. Because of my desperation for change,  searching for re-education on my soul, I got knowledge, training on emotion, subconscious mind and how to utilize my potential to help myself , my family, people, despite that I am still a student of life…

Then I suddenly awaked with an answer why I made such a mistake that has probably left trauma in kid’s heart because I was too anxious, nervous on his health.  That was because I grew up with less experiences, knowledge and preparation when problems came without warning. I was too happy and stayed in my loved, warmed shell without experience hardship until I had to face…

So I found life is just an experience of constantly breaking comfort zone and reach another more healthy, happier comfort zone. The more experiences and failures we have at early time, the less fearful, better, happier , fulfilled life we have.

A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown.

The third learning which will help me to realise my dream is: Dream is only dream without a goal of time to finish.

True Wealth need clear, Focus, specific and dedication

He mentioned on his experiences writing books. He never knows who was going to read, never worried about payment, money, but just want to people to make their dream-actualization stories when reading his books.

Writing books need focus and steady, mental toughness and self-discipline.
 What an important reminder to me at my process to write a book.

The third learning is HABIT; HABIT is the super train to our goal, not anything else. Habit comes from practice, practice make not only perfect but permanent.

 Goal setting:

Risk management:

Sharing and double Win mindset:

 The gifts to our children:

Finding their own talents and personality and make the best of them, excel their potential fully:

We are only caretakers, we have nothing to come to the earth and nothing to go with. Give all to the people who desperately in need.

My dream is to make your dreams come true. I am only a carrier of love, to make people to find their true love, love deeply for themselves. But firstly I must love myself first.

"A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown."


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