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My PHOTO journey about South Italy an Malta 南意大利、馬耳他之旅

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感恩日記 On the plane back to home, I can't help myself feeling grateful to the people who helped me to complete the extremely hectic, exhausting but rewarding tour to South Italy and Malta(馬耳他):
一年前的夢, 很想有一次個人的旅行,今天已成真。



感恩翠明假期提供如此豐富的南意大利之旅。 感恩導游Roger 的給我的幫助,每天我們從Roger的介紹學到好多欧洲歷史,有幸參加资历深厚导游帶的團,學到從沒接觸的知識,深感幸运。
感恩父母身教,鼓勵 感恩學習愛惜自己,聆聽自己內在的聲音

I finally followed my dream of a holiday even going alone, i shared it in first workshop in my first DREAM EXPLORATION Workshop. Dreams are our mirrors of soul.
Follow your dreams, they know the way.

Lot of souvenirs
Day 8


是的:"你说出我心底話,虽然很累 , 但 内心的满足感难以用言语表达。 离开一下, 从另一个角度看自己, 聆听身体的声音, 发现以前自己还没有真的爱自己"

Easter ceremony everywhere. I went to a church next to the Hotel Meridien we stayed for three 

nights. Experiencing local religion life before going to airport.

                                                    The first time for me to go to church

Day 6

Malta 馬耳他 is a much more advanced country than I expected, with lots of histories in common with 

South Italy, ruled by Arab, Roma Spanish for hundreds of years.

British was the last government to colonized Malta , for 100 years before its independence in 60s.

More than 400 churches in different shapes and built at different ages.

One can visit all over 365 days a year.

Blue cave:

Another most impressive site - "Blue Azure" window, just breath taking view  you can see here...


Day 7

Today, we are in the GOZA Island. The final program of the whole journey is was a visit to a historic 

heritage site over 500 years old castle city built by Arabic. 

Maltese language originated from Arabic and Greek. People here can speak Local (Maltese) , Italian and 

English as Malta has been colonized for a long time.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crown_Colony_of_Malta

People here look very relaxed and religious, almost half population go to church, a time we can see 

people dressing elegantly, as if we are back to Victoria age.

 Really impressive
Even whilst the extensive renovation work is taking place, the Citadel is still very impressive. There are some stunning views to be had across the whole island from the ramparts.

My Whatsapp diary

 [3/29, 20:03] 

 Dear all 
Arrived Italy for 4 days. Now in Sicily island. 西西里岛。I used to not appreciate Italian food.  But here Italian food is so different from that in HK. i start to like it.

[3/29, 20:15] 

[3/30, 13:09] 
 u are welcome to follow.my Facebook about the journey of 地中海风情,我的学习,from other country , people , and myself, how interesting of self discovery when one is set in a new situations  environments.

[3/31, 04:30] 

Back to history over 2000 years, in the 8th century BC when Sicily was colonized by Greek.  Gods were everywhere. Gods .满天神佛 like angels  bringing hopes, happiness, fortune, prosperity to people with mufti religions, nationalities in that island, also as a way to make people living in harmony.

The city we are living tonight in the bottom of the active vocanor in Catania city, called Mount Etna.
The street was very old, like in the movie of Victoria time, even older...giving me a sense of romatics and European feeling.

[4/2, 19:08] 

 Back yo 5000 years ago  时光倒流,Gozo, one of island in Malta  马尔他
[4/2, 23:43] 

😜 虽然很累  , 但 内心的满足感难以用言语表达。 离开一下, 从另一个角度看自己, 聆听身体的声音, 发现以前自己还没有真的爱自己
[4/3, 14:00] 

 Yesterday afternoon the final program was the over 500 years old casyle city built by Arabic. Maltese language originated from Arabic and Greek. People here can spesk Local  Italisn and English. They dress well, almost than half population gi to church, a time we can see old people dressing elegantly, back to Victoria age.

[4/3, 17:39]

 🙏❤i finally followed my dream of a holiday  even going alone, i shared it in last April in my workshop. Dreams bigger. Dreams are our soul mirrors.

[4/3, 17:50] 原來爱自己要有很大勇氣哩!太多自我恐吓,恐懼是坏事,但爱自己就和她好好相处一下,和自己做知己。爱自已,家人开放心,朋友开心,自己也多一些满足和信心🙏❤感恩有大家的心相

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