Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The wonder of dream therapy - 内心改變的渴望和動力


解夢之後的釋放和內在療愈能力的發現,激勵自己去修正和追求夢想,好像自動化似的,不會感到特別的困難和痛苦. 當然需要持續的學習和修正;我們的潛意識根本已經擁有解決問題的所有方法,無限的創意.解夢治療是去取回我們應有的智慧,改變動力.


What I really like dream therapy is it is inside-out type of coaching and more self coaching orientated. People who just feel confused, coming to me and then they get their dream beautiful insights. They are much released and get to heal themselves automatically, effortlessly, or subconsciously without realizing or feeling much pain. Amazing!

"The dream and the dreamer have a reciprocal relationship. The better one understands the person, the better one can understand the dream."


An example is the famous story of the four blind men that come upon an elephant and share their experience.

" It's like a snake" says the one who feels the trunk. Oh no, not at all replies the second, touching the elephants leg, " It's large and solid, like a temple pillar. " You are both wrong says the third, grabbing the tail, " It's just like a snake" "Are you guys crazy asks the fourth, as he feels it's ear, "It's just like a rug"  The truth is, all of them are right, based on their individual experience, but all of their experiences do not give a complete picture of what an elephant really looks like.

Dream Therapy is not a matter of divination, or pseudo intuition, it is a scientific research, needing hard and honest reflection and logical analysis. Only by sticking to this protocol can we be sure of accurate results. Most often, the personages in our dreams are actually facets of ourselves. While sometimes they represent people, attitudes and situations in the exterior world.

We all have a built-in guide on emotional and practical problem solving in the form of our dreaming mind.


What Dreams Do?
They state and help resolve problems.

  • They express emotion... dreams are all about our emotions.

  • They express in images and stories those feelings and experiences that are most difficult to think or talk about when awake.
  • They express hidden feelings about one's relationship with oneself and others.
  • They both dissociate and bind together aspects of traumatic or life experiences.
  • They can help uncover pain and shame and can rip apart the layers of defense within the unconscious.
  • They portray our current problems, past dilemmas, and future possibilities.
  • They help gratify wishes.
  • They give expression to the life not lived

Dreams As Therapy
Dream therapy is a method of deriving meaning from images and elements from dreams in order to gain insight into a patient’s psyche. At its core, dream therapy involves recording and analyzing dreams. Dream therapy isn't used only as a means of figuring out your subconcious/unconscious dilemmas, it also is a means of finding out how to handle a current situation. Dream therapy is more than dream interpretation. It is a means of confronting our subconscious, or even our conscious dilemmas, and finding a way to lead a healthier and more creative life. 
Dream therapy can aid in gaining emotional well-being, through interpreting dreams and studying them. By cognitively researching and understanding dreams one can find connections between dream images and waking life, thus opening the mind to past experiences that are at the core of personality and experience in the present day. Who you are and why you are that person can be found within the dream. 


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