Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stage Speaking Learning from Gary

昨晚參加Gary的STAGE SPEA TALK, 久聞GARY大名, 又是DP同學,很有親切感.

Gary 淋漓盡致地將潛意識理論/NLP应用在提升演講上,事半功倍,印象深刻!


在提升voice volume 的練習的demonstration, 我要在眾人面前,和Gary 對叫.斗大聲Shouting at each other with all our mighty. My goodness! I made it! It was one of my dream practice actually!

Tonight workshop was a milestone for my presentation progress for sure, when Gary asked me my feelings after shouting immediately, it was too much to be speechless. All came too fast too quickly to break my comfort zone but I really enjoyed the process, a way to transform in a fun, fast,exciting way.

Gary said to me:

Thank you for coming Donna, and I'm really glad to see how much energy boost you managed to create in a very short time. For the last session when I tried to shout at you, I can feel your force coming, and that shocked me as well !! Really admire your learning and open attitude, and glad you found the experience valuable !!

Although my throat is a bit painful this morning, it was a worth trying, an unforgettable learning experience into my Subconscious cells...

The special guest Gary mom's sharing was another impressive experience to show the art of voice!

Gary的STAGE SPEA TALK 將是我學習演講的另一個重要里程碑; 感恩!


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