Friday, May 2, 2014

做自己最好的醫生 - 療愈念力金字塔 (鍾灼輝博士)

Dear Dr Chung,

Yesterday's course by Dr Chung 's 做自己最好的醫生 to me is a life and death education. I realised  that  positive, optimistic, broad-minded attitude towards life is the essence of health and happiness. You teach us to learn from our Mather Nature, animals and plants, the best example of living at the moment, at the presence.

 You remind me to take care of our subconscious mind, to be its best friend..

When diseases attack, the biggest reasons are from inside, checking out our life style, our second gains and belief first! Blaming, complaint only wastes time and energy and make things worse.  

You said the accident couldn't kill you but depression almost killed you. So profound experience. Your depression was your teacher, teaching you to turn its negative power to positive and establish a system of self healing (療愈念力金字塔) - a symbol of subconscious power  I appreciate this idea deeply and will practice it on myself in daily basis and apply it to help others.

The best doctor is no one but ourselves, I got it.

With gratitude and many thanks.




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