Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happiness and Gratitude

Date: 15-4-2010

Where is my happiness?

When I was a child, I thought I would be happy if I were an adult;
When I grew up, I thought I would be happy if I were a child;
When I was a single, I thought I would be happy if I were married;
When I was married, I thought I would be happy if I had a baby;
When I had a baby, I thought I would be happy if he grew up tomorrow.

Where is my happiness?
I was lost on the way pursuing my destiny!
Perhaps I would never find of what I dreamt.

Climbing over one mountain,
Another one is awaiting you.
A bigger one or smaller one,
It all depends how you see it.

A half cup of water,
The “Positive” says there is still a half cup of water
The “Negative” says there is only a half cup of water.
It all depends how you view it.

Challenges, hardships are parts of life.
Men create themselves to solve problems.
The more you hate them, the more you fear them.
The more you love them, the more you enjoy tackling them.
The more you enjoy tackling them, the more fulfilling is your life.

Then you turn challenge into your best friend,
You enjoy every moment with them.
Then you focus on how to get through them,
You simply forget it existing as your enemy/foe.

Happiness is in your mind,
If you take daily hassles and adversity as fact of life.
Happiness is in your heart,
If you cherish every moment you learn from living with them.
No matter if you are in setback or success,
Happiness is in your heart,
Because you have realized happiness can be unconditional;
Because you have set yourself free from the prison of events.

Happiness will never fall from the sky.
But happiness is not a Neverland that we will never find.
Happiness can be everywhere if we don’t take it for granted.
Happiness is always living with us if we have a peace of mind.

Sometimes, happiness doesn’t mean we must win;
But we still can smile at it if we know how we lose and how to get up;
Happiness can come more from giving than gaining;
Like a candle - burning itself to brighten up others.

Happiness is not how much you own,
Happiness is not how long you can live,
Happiness is qualified on how much you have enjoyed
No matter how short you life is.
Happiness is judged on how much you have given,
No matter how little you have own.

To love and to care;
To help and to devote;
To relish and to appreciate;
All sources of happiness
Close as your home and far as a corner of the world.

You are what you think.
If you think you are a happy,
You will be happy even if you lose everything;
If you think you are a miserable guy,
You will be miserable even if you own half wealth of the world.

Happiness is a life attitude;
Happiness is a state of mind.
Happiness is a way of thinking;
Happiness is a journey
But not a destiny.


17 years of happiness, 17 years of worries

17 year’s yesterday,
You dreamt what he was like when he was 17 year old.
17 year’s today,
You still worry if he could grow up.
Thinking back,
How much have you enjoyed?
How much have you worried?
Asking yourself:
How much what your dreamt has came true?
How much what you worried has proved false?

In the transience of life,
You never know what will happen tomorrow.
To learn to be happy,
To learn to be thanksgiving,
You will find happiness is just around you.

“The past is history.
The future is a mystery.
But today is a gift.
That’s why we call if the present.”


It’s gratitude that brings us happiness

Being thankful
Reminds me to cherish people
who love me - family,  friends new and old;
who help me all the way to fulfill my dreams.

Being thankful
Teaches me to be a real human,
Feeling their pains, physically and emotionally
Inspiring me to make them happier.

Being thankful
Let go of worries, anxiety;
Grow wisdom, hope
Find resources.

Being thankful
Opens up my mind
To see life as an adventure;
Full of opportunities.

Being thankful
Turn negative to positive;
Darkness to brightness;
No failures in life, but journey of adventures.

Gratitude is an attitude;
So is happiness.
Gratitude is a choice,
It brings us happiness.

 1 12 2016

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