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The functions of human dreams:

  • They state and help resolve problems.

  • They express emotion... dreams are all about our emotions.

  • They express in images and stories those feelings and experiences that are most difficult to think or talk about when awake.

  • They express hidden feelings about one's relationship with oneself and others.
  • They both dissociate and bind together aspects of traumatic or life experiences.
  • They can help uncover pain and shame and can rip apart the layers of defense within the unconscious.
  • They portray our current problems, past dilemmas, and future possibilities.
  • They help gratify wishes.
  • They give expression to the life not lived.


Dreams As Therapy
Dream therapy is a method of deriving meaning from images and elements from dreams in order to gain insight into a patient’s psyche. At its core, dream therapy involves recording and analyzing dreams. Dream therapy isn't used only as a means of figuring out your subconcious/unconscious dilemmas, it also is a means of finding out how to handle a current situation. Dream therapy is more than dream interpretation. It is a means of confronting our subconscious, or even our conscious dilemmas, and finding a way to lead a healthier and more creative life.

Dream therapy can aid in gaining emotional well-being, through interpreting dreams and studying them. By cognitively researching and understanding dreams one can find connections between dream images and waking life, thus opening the mind to past experiences that are at the core of personality and experience in the present day. Who you are and why you are that person can be found within the dream. 

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What is DREAM THERAPY about? Here is a good article speaks for my philosophy on 

dream power! I have been working based on this attitude and method. 

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