Tuesday, March 29, 2016

George's dream and support from New Zealand

George Warner is my Facebook Buddy. We have been know for a while, sharing positive thinking is our common interest. Despite having lost hearing ability, positive friends and positive thinking is always around him, inspiring him.

He follows me and use Google Translate to read my articles, just amazing!

Today, he read my article 

六個ladies的心聲 - 自我探索, 互相支持的溫馨旅程

and sent a message to me:

Well thank you, Donna. May I say now when I dream in sleep, it's always about work related past time, I am the last to leave the job clean up , seems I was always working, home life was not good, if I can help you with your work, I'm happy. In short a few cold beers at night, I sleep well. Without my dreams are past time related? My pleasure to help you with your work, feed on my brain, my life was and is still share, bless you Donna.

Dear George,

Your dreams are related to past, but its impact and deep heart desire, purpose is guiding you for living NOW and at present, nothing about PAST. It might be a sign that u wish your life as full as past. It is not an answer but my guess. You can feel your dreams , what is the feeling : happy, hurry up, busy or stressed , or fulfilled? That is the connection with your present life. How to use it? or Change it for better? Here is a link speaking for my work: http://www.donnadreamhypnosis.com/2016/03/what-is-dream-therapy-about.html

Truly thank you for supporting me and share positive think around. Blessing to have you as my friend.
Thank you

It is inspiring that you chase your dreams.


29 3 2016

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