Sunday, September 28, 2014

To build our own brand - Our true Identdity

Dear Sue,

Just got messages and lovely training pictures from you in the early morning. They are a collective beautiful memory in our life.

You are so diligent, compassionate, passionate coach.

So grateful for giving us such a wonderful workshop -打做自己的品牌. I learnt so much from you, our group-mates, our DP heart members and myself through the training process yesterday.

"Building our Own Brand -打做自己的品牌" turned out to be a self- teaching, soul searching journey,  reminding us of our strength, potential and passion from our original family, school, life experiences, huge resources to build who we are - our identities, a shining inner beauty...

In the Timeline process, I found my strengths - compassionate, emphatic, sincerity, creative and adventurous. I realized my character and belief were from my family, my teachers, mentors, early life mostly, and already having been living in my gene and blood.

I got my father's adventurous, sincere character; my mother's creativity and hardworking; and my grandmother's compassion and empathy. I feel so blessed and rejuvenated for all the beauty I have had at that moment and will be inspired for a long time.

As a dreamer and adventurer, just do what I dream and love what I do! I said to myself.

I really like the anchor setting process - to imprint the beauty to our cells, DNAs.

I was moved by the momentum of energetic people at that time.

Yes, everyone is a beautiful brand, just be ourselves, live on our dream, jumping out our confront zone.

Sue, I admire your persistence, consistence and toughness, resilience, passion as you love your dreams – “Do what I love and love what I do!” becomes a motto in your life.

Sue, you are my lively icon to follow.

With love



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