Monday, September 8, 2014


好開心又完成一個感謝夢想- 我心目中的小型夢境探索,心靈探索工作坊。

感謝LOUISA,RAYMOND,MIU, JENNY等等朋友的寶貴Feedback,感谢你們分享和收穫令我更有熱情去提升,進步!



很感謝全體O SPIRITUAL HOME 的極大協助,提供一個溫馨的環境,做一次和內心的談心,對話...
— feeling thankful.

Jenny 说:

Dear Jenny
I'm so happy to hear you got some insights from the workshop and from your own dream system. Thank you soo much for your feedback and advice, i will keep improvement.

Dear Raymond
Thank you for your dream sharing and demonstration.
We all learned from your case. As I said, it is not only your case, but a common mindset. Appreciate your stepping out and look for breakthrough人生突破

Thank u for your suggestions. i will try to have another improvement

Dear Stella
your improvements from your dream analysis is stunningly huge..
Feeling grateful for your  nice thanks  words. Keep going. Your dreams system is a treasure, love our dreams is love yourselves.

Dear Louisa
Thank u for the key suggestions that will be tried in my coming Saturday workshop. Your 're so kind that i am happy to have u as my coach...

Dear 妙音
Your team has done a wonderful job. I really feel thankful to them and u.
Miu 说,
Dear Miu
you are getting an amazing transformation, believe yourself and your dream advice and follow the advice. You will have a freer, relaxing and energetic change!

Follow your the advice from the insights, follow your heart


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