Thursday, January 11, 2018

cherish life and be present what we are

YouTube is so AI ( artificial , human intelligence ) that it just keeps sending me topics I watched before or I am interested in. Last night I watched the full interview of Actor Sam Claflin on his movie - "Me Before You". It strikes me a  strong sense of connection with the movie again. As Sam said, what he learnt most from acting William is we can't take it for granted -
every mouth of eating, biting, breathing, every step of walk and even bathing we can do by ourselves. All of these is challenging to disable and seriously diseased people.

And that is exactly what I learnt from this movie, from my father at the end of time and all people in disability , paralysis.

Cherish all we have, be present and accept what we are at anytime, regardless our status, health and age. That is spirit of the movie and my father pass to me.

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