Tuesday, December 19, 2017

建構內在的爸爸 (2)


感覺就在身邊一樣,这种失去和得到,很微妙,很温馨,又很特别,感觉是一种内在的沟通,心灵上和爸爸的链接,内在给自己一个像爸爸的ideal father, a spiritual father forever, eternal father, without age limit. 

每当我感到矛盾,困扰,我就听到一把爸爸的声音,love yourself first , then you can love others. live fully, dream big, live well, I am always with you, just every step away by your side......

In this talk Muniba shares the heart wrenching story of an incident which changed her life completely - from the bad to the good.

The long version of Muniba's inspiring story made us understand more
about what death means, what living means and how to conquer fears, why
it is important to accept the way who we are and then turn us from an imperfect self to be perfect....
that is alive and living.
Never die before death. Embrace every breath and every step we walk...
Life is choice.

Life is choice.

19 12 2017

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