Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What are dreams? What are passion?What is stamina

++What is stamina?

"Stamina is the plural form of stamen. Figuratively, it means the power of endurance.

In life, stamina come in two kinds: those arising from casting pearls before ignoramus and those arising from repeated defeat.
Stamina imply an ability to pick oneself up when one is down, to dust oneself off and to try and try again."

Our instructor of a hypnosis course, Nelson shared his experience of being a trainer of self-development courses by telling his reflection on what dreams means to him:

Everyone has dreams. Everyone dreams at night. But not everyone carries on his dreams during daytime. Those who dares to share their dreams with others during daytime need passions. And those who really practice their dreams day and night need preservation, (as things are not as fun and easy as expected in reality, I believe). But one's passion, interest and belief will support them to continue. Those are the source of stamina and preservation, they ultimately factor to success. 

Thoughts and reflection from Nelson's sharing


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